Monday, August 29, 2016

2016.08.29 Week 13 - I have been called of God

This week we traveled again to Neuquén for the meeting for leaders. I´m not a leader so I was in the apartment with a brand new gringa (even more new than me) The sisters handed us a list before they left for the meeting and said, "Please visit these people, here is a map" QUE DIVERTIDO (how fun) two gringas that know nothing, wandering around in Neuquén. It was super fun and funny actually. It was fun to be the person that knows things. But also we got plenty of weird looks. Also, I learned more that I really need to try and help my companion out. This gringa didn´t really say anything (understandably) when we talked to people which was really hard for me because in reality, I don´t know any more Spanish than her. Overall it was fun to try a little more missionary work without my companion there to do every hard thing for me.

On Saturday we had a baptism for a little girl in our ward. It was really fun because it reminded me of Bekah and that it is her baptism this week!!!! Also, it was really horrible. It wasn´t our baptism because she´s not a convert but we were helping set it up because her Mom doesn´t really have any support. The ward really didn´t pull through for us. Only one priesthood holder showed up. Nobody from the primary was there. The people who were assigned talks didn´t come. Same with the person to lead the music and the prayers. QUE FEO (How ugly). The Bishop didn´t even come.

So after this disaster, my companion and I have made some goals to bajar la caña (drop the cane -Argentine phrase implying discipline) with the ward a little bit. This ward has a ton of potential that they are not reaching. So the goal for me this transfer is to try and help the ward to help itself a little more. I am so grateful that I could come from a ward of amazing examples. Because of this, I know how a ward should function, but a lot of people here don´t know. THANK YOU TO MY HOME WARD, YOU ARE ALL THE BEST!

Also, I thought a lot about how weird it is to be a missionary this week. I am literally 19 years old and know nothing, but everyday people tell me all about their problems and expect to receive answers to their questions. How is this possible? If I was nineteen at home I could not answer these questions and especially not in Spanish, but I know that it is because I have been called of God and am living worthily to have his spirit that I can respond to these questions with power. HOW COOL IS THAT, I actually have the power and authority of God as a missionary.

Hermana N., MTC friend.

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