Monday, August 8, 2016

2016.08.08 Week 10 - I think God protects us with dogs sometimes

I pretty much can´t remember anything that happened this week. So here are some random facts about my life.

1. There are dogs EVERYWHERE. Millions of dogs living in the street. I think God protects us with dogs sometimes. Randomly one dog will just walk with us all the way to an appointment. Or accompany us to church. I hope that they would actually protect us if there was a problem. I name every dog Alejandro and then me and my companion sing Lady Gaga. Overall they are annoying and gross, sometimes they block the road and we can´t get to appointments.

2. Graffiti on everything. It´s funny that people think they need to write their name on every single thing.

3. The food is soooooo good. Lots of pasta and meat. Also potatoes. And bread. And cake. And pudding. And pie. And fish. Basically just every good thing.

4. There was some strange drunk man following us this week. We ran away and all is well.

5. It´s really cold. Tons of rain. Tons of snow. Tons of mud. Rainboots are a miracle.

6. All of the members in my ward are really awesome. It´s like having 30 parents.

7. I wear tights every day. I hate them but it´s freezing. They are the same ones I brought. I´m not really sure why they said to buy tights here, I don´t even know where you would buy tights here.

8. The men here only harass me when they are drunk. There are quite a few borrachos (drunks) here. Mostly I walk past and then hear after "Que bonita" (So beautiful). It's pretty funny.

9. We have a clothes washer. It´s pretty junky but I am really grateful for it. My clothes always come out of it covered in gross hairballs. (We thought she would be "washing" her clothes in a bucket.)

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