Monday, August 15, 2016

2016.08.15 Week 11 - it's really hard but I love it here

This week was really crazy and really long. My companion is an Hermana Leader so we had to do intercambios (exchanges) with some of the hermanas in different areas. So we went to Esquel early in the week and later we went to Bolsón. It was fun to travel a little bit but a lot of time spent on a bus. This week we will be visiting two more areas.

A little bit of drama started in Bolsón. I have only been here for one traslado (transfer), and an Hermana in Bolsón has been here for two. So the two gringas were together for a few hours. This was super fun and funny because neither of us can speak Spanish. So we went to lunch with a super awesome family and the food was really good and they were hilarious, but then they asked how long I had in Argentina and I told them. Then they proceeded to tell the other Hermana that my Spanish was much better than hers..... WHYYYYY....... I could tell this made her feel really bad because this is the one thing that she has really been working on. It was horrible. Also, she is mad because I am brand new but forced somewhat into a leadership position because my companion is in a leadership position. Oh well. Basically, I think she hates me.

Esquel was fun, it reminded me of Rockland (ID), very calm lots of mountains and nothing happening.

Bolsón was more like Bariloche, a little bit more of a city. 

Bariloche is really awesome and I like living in the city. I am always happy to come back to here.

This week our numbers were horrible because we were gone for most of the week. But we were able to commit one woman to baptism! We also had some really good lessons with members. The lessons are always so much better when a member can come.

I am really loving my mission, it's really hard but I love it here. Argentina is awesome and the members are really great. I learn more every day about the gospel!

Also remember how my hair is straight. Well it's not. Because I get rained on so much every day. When my hair is full of rain it's actually curly. Very strange. Also very wet, siempre (always).

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