Monday, May 29, 2017

2017.05.29 Week 51 Please let me eat my innards in peace

Some homies.

Thanks for the knife Dad, I am the only Scout in this country.



Happy Birthday, companion. Here's some fake American food.

"Don't worry, it's not a bad day, it's a bad life" - Hermana Howard

Locro: basically soup with a lot of mystery meat. A classic of 25 de Mayo.

Please let me eat my innards in peace.

Classic Argentine, ironing a t-shirt just so that it will dry.

Monday, May 22, 2017

2017.05.22 Week 50 - pray for my laundry

I´m pretty sure that nothing happened this week. Except that my comp made it to twenty years. I tried to help her celebrate by doing some really special things like making Jello and putting 20 pieces of rotten apple in it. I think she felt my love. 

So here is some random stuff to fill the email:

1. There aren't couches here. I think I will cry when I see my couch again. I also think I will probably sleep on the carpet in my house for a week and it will still be more comfy than all the beds I have had here.

2. Everyone here does their hair like they are in kindergarten. Remember those weird butterfly hair-clips, yeah. Erryday.

3. Lots of people "know" English.

4. Mate is a severe addiction here, the people can't go even half a day without it.

5. You have to buy all of your food separately. This week we made fideos con tuco (spaghetti and meatballs). We had to pass by one store to buy bread, one for carne picada (ground meat), one for veggies and one for noodles. Really special.

6. You can walk to anything, cars are completely unnecessary.

7. If anyone doesn't have enough things to pray for, you can pray for my laundry. I've been washing it a large bucket for 6 months now. I will never complain about washing my clothes in America again, I'm pretty sure they are just super dirty.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week and remember how much God loves you, he has prepared everything for you to be able to be happy and return to live with him.

Are you wondering if she has yellow flowers in her eyebrows? Yes she does.

Monday, May 15, 2017

2017.05.15 Week 49 - It's so important

Just wanna say hi to everybody. It was a great week. I got to talk to the fam. Turns out that they all grew up a lot in this time. I guess boyz just turn into men sometimes.

Don´t have much time but I just want to invite you all to read the Book of Mormon. BUT SERIOUSLY. Everyday. It's so important. The Book of Mormon is the way that we learn that all the things are true. Everything. It's important to know that the book is true so that we can know of all the blessings that we have been promised. READ IT. Then pray about it. God will answer your prayer and you will then know that you are a child of God. He loves you. He has a plan for you. Everything is already prepared for you. So just read it and you will learn how to do your part to get all of these blessings.

Anyway, have a good week.

Rachel wanted to see the temple and the mountains.


Monday, May 8, 2017

2017.05.08 - Week 48 - So many blessings

What a crazy week! CRAZY! This week was leadership conference, so that was cool. I always leave super inspired and ready to baptize everyone I see. Our Mission President is just such an inspired man, killing it, killing it that guy.

We also had some more craziness with Satan this week. Walter is Paola's brother. He did her baptism after getting the priesthood like a week before her baptism. It was super cool and everything was going well until on Wednesday when he had a recaída (relapse) and smoked and did drugs again. So we went to talk to Paola because she was feeling real bad. She assumed that her baptism didn't vale (didn't count) anything. She told us that she was planning on getting baptized again in a year or two. Ummm, no. 

We talked to her and had a really great lesson on the atonement and what it means that Christ is our Salvador y Mediador (Savior and Mediator). Since those are things that people always say, but lots of times do not understand, we brought some coins and told her that she really wanted to buy something. Something that she absolutely needed but she didn't have any money. So she had to go to the bank. I was the bank. We had a contract that she needed to pay the money back in a week or she was going to cárcel (jail). A week passes, she doesn't have the money. I start calling cárcel (jail), and JUSTO (right then) her friend shows up and pays her debt. What a good friend. We talked about how this friend is Jesus and that thanks to him we can repent of all of our sins. She was able to understand and happily was able to get confirmed. It was super awesome.

In the same news, I have never seen so many blessings so instantly after a baptism. She got baptized. Her son got a house, a horse and a job en blanco (legal/over the table job). He was able to move out of the drug house. She got a job, and is planning to rent or build a house now. Her daughter learned how to read and is one of the best in her class. But the best part of all is that Paola is relating all of these things directly to her baptism. She now has a strong testimony of how if we keep the commandments and do the things that God asks us, he just rains blessings down. I really love her and her daughters and I am very happy that everything is going well for them.

Also in some sort of miracle one of our investigators accepted a fecha (date) to get baptized. We have invited her to get baptized hundreds of times. This is the first time she accepted. She is the daughter of a member. She´s called Auca and she has 17 years old.

Love you all. Have a great week. Remember that Christ is your Salvador and think a little about what that actually means.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

2017.05.02 Week 47 - A crazy week

What a crazy week! I have never seen the power of Satan working so strong in my entire life.

Paola has been preparing to get baptized for a while now, and Saturday was finally the day. She's been very excited but it has been a lot of work to help her since she had to deal with some addictions and she also can't read. So we were super excited to say in the least, that she was getting baptized on Saturday.

Then we wake up on Saturday and my companion is super sick, I start getting more sick as the day goes on. We finally manage to get to Paola's house to go with her to her baptism and she tells us she isn't getting baptized anymore. UUUUUHHHHM, what? Apparently she had just got into a fight with her hija (daughter). She told her daughter to go shower before the baptism and get ready to go. Her daughter then told her novio (boyfriend) to come with her because it was time to shower. SHE'S 14. Her Mom told her she couldn't shower with her boyfriend and that turned into a huge fight. WHAT? 

So then Paola didn't want to get baptized anymore, because baptism is supposed to be a happy family day, and she wasn't happy at all. We went to talk to the daughter and I am almost just burst out laughing, I just couldn't believe how surreal the whole situation was. I think I prayed about 23,353,465 times in her house. Then we convinced her that she should probably get a bendicion de consuelo (blessing of comfort) and headed to the church. We get to the church, and she still isn't planning on getting baptized. She ended up getting a super awesome blessing that talked about how through her, all of her family will be able to come unto Christ and accept the gospel. I just about burst out crying as I heard that, considering her family are all hardcore drug addicts. 

Then by some sort of miracle she did end up getting baptized. It was the most awesome baptism ever. Part way through the musical number, in walks about 37 of her closest friends/family/drug addicts. It was cool to see them all there, and just really funny. It all ended well, and I know that's only thanks to God, there was literally nothing else that we could have done. 

Then Satan comes in again. On Sunday morning we find out that she is in the hospital and won't be able to come to church. So she didn't receive the Holy Ghost. Please pray for her. If she doesn't make it this Sunday, we´ll have to start again from square 1.

Also I have a new comp, Hermana Howard. She's awesome, but I'm sad that Hermana Little left me. I'm still in Roca.