Monday, November 13, 2017

2016.11.13 Week 73 - Miracles

In reality, this was probably the happiest week of my life. I honestly don't think I have ever been happier. JONATAN AND YANINA GOT MARRIED AND BAPTIZED!!!

But it wasn't just like that, it was still a nightmare, like every baptism I have ever seen.

Wednesday: We had the baptismal interview and everything went really well, all the papers signed and they were super excited.

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: We get a text about two hours before the wedding that they don't want to get married anymore. They don't answer our calls or texts. We go to their house. They don't let us in. We camp out. Finally, their daughter lets us in. Yanina talks to us and says that they will not be getting married. Jonatan won't come out of his room. We sing, pray, read the LDM (Libro de Mormon-Book of Mormon). He finally comes out. They explain that they are in a fight and that they DO NOT want to get married. We tell them basically to get over it and remember that the blessings that come from living the commandments are much bigger than the fight they had. Yanina cries a lot. We make them do companionship inventory. They decide that they do want to get married. Their wedding is supposed to be in five minutes. Neither of them are ready, and because they were fighting the day before, they didn't take any of the paperwork that they were supposed to. Jonatan ran out to his moto and went over to the Registro Civil to see what was up. The lady told him that they could come back at 1:30 and get married. MIRACLE. We head over and do Yanina´s hair and get everything ready. Go at 1:30, and about 3 they get married.

Other MIRACLE: In the hours between 11 and 1:30 the woman called to tell them that they would need to get married another day. Because Jonatan broke his phone when they were fighting, they didn't get the call. So, in the end, they went at 1:30 and the woman let them get married.

Side Note: I was one of the testigos (witnesses). It was cool.

Other Side Note: Weddings that aren't in the temple are horrible. They last about 37 seconds and are extremely casual.

Saturday: Jonatan and Yanina got BAPTIZED!!!!! Erik, their sobrino (nephew) that got baptized a few weeks ago, also got the sacerdocio (priesthood) a few weeks ago, so he was able to baptize them. Then we had a party!!!!! I loved it, but it was sad because I wanted to dance but I am a missionary.


Anyway, it was all incredible and I absolutely loved it and I cannot believe how many miracles God made happen so that everything could work out. I love them so much and it is so cool to see people that are really trying to keep the commandments be able to come to Christ.

In other news, the two annoying sisters got split up and we are now in trio. It's pretty weird, but going surprisingly well.


Monday, November 6, 2017

2017.11.06 Week 72 - It's helpful to not be helpless.

Another fantastic week to be a missionary. We are getting super excited for the wedding of Jonatan and Yanina this Friday. They will be getting baptized on Saturday. The ward has really stepped up this time to try and help. These people are actually just really bringing a lot more union into the ward. A special detail were/was (literally can't tell the difference?) the invitations that the Relief Society president made, they are a really special rainbow cloud faded out picture of them. The coolest part? She wrote Jonatan and Yanila, her name is YANINA. Good thing these people are strong because the ward, ay ay ay (with a Mexican accent).

Yanina was walking to church this week and a bird pooped on her on the way. She headed home, changed, and came anyway. Please pray for them, Satan is starting to send even the stupid trials now.

Another cool part of the week. There are some hermanas staying with us right now because they were about to kill each other. They were walking down the street and got angry, both headed in opposite directions and then the elders had to go find them both. LOVE THAT. One of them is in the process of deciding if she wants to head home or stay here. So I spent a few days in Villa Seferino with one of them. A NIGHTMARE, but whatever. They didn't have a heater, hot water or food. I had to shower with a bucket. In the end, we solved all three of these problems in about 2 hours. 

It just really drives me crazy when people are so helpless. Obviously, they weren't getting along, I WOULDNT GET ALONG WITH ANYONE EITHER IF I COULDN'T SHOWER, SLEEP, OR EAT. It did end up being funny because now one of the hermanas thinks I am a certified electrician. When there wasn't hot water I did what seemed obvious to me. Went to look at the water heater, its electric. I did some research and realized that the only problem was the plug. So I went and got some scissors and a screwdriver (rusty old knife) and took the whole thing apart. The wires were all burnt so I cut them anew, stripped off some rubber and reconnected it all. They have hot water and a heater now.

These two special souls will be staying with until Thursday when we will find out where they are headed permanently.

Thing to remember for the week...

It's helpful to not be helpless.

Monday, October 23, 2017

2017.10.23 Week 70 - They love me here.

Comments of the Week:

-So are you Russian mixed with Asian or what?

-Chicas (Girls), please just leave me in peace. (After SHE told us to come visit her at this hour)

-Don't worry missionaries, I'm not borracho (drunk), I'm just half borracho.

-Why do you touch all the doors?

-Gloria a DIOOOOOOS (Glory to God) for the Mormons, always sending such beautiful girls to walk around in the street.


-Argentina is a cow, that always has milk. (Rosa, 90 years old)

Needless to say, they love me here. Also in other news, Hermana Barfuss is training. So I have an official "granddaughter". She´s really cute and really tall. Actually, the tallest girl I've seen since I left the country.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2017.10.15 week 69 - The next Captain Moroni

Been a great few weeks. There is nobody I love more that Hermana Sant. She was an incredible companion and I am actually really sad that she left me. My new companion is Hermana Lastarria, she seems super cool. She is from Buenos Aires and is new in the mission. She got trained, trained and is now an Hermana Lider with me. So it's going to be awesome.

Jonatan and Yanina are still just incredible. Some cool things about them...

They were 2 of 5 people that went to the wards service activity this week. They aren't even baptized.

The day that we taught the Word of Wisdom, Jonatan had bought some expensive coffee to share with us. As soon as we taught him the Word of Wisdom his wife laughed and said, "I guess we have to hurry and drink this before we get baptized." He said, "NOOO, as soon as you know a commandment, you live it." That just seems to be his motto.

He is currently looking for a new job so that he won't have to work 1 Sunday per month. We didn't even talk to him about that.

He asked us on Sunday when he could start paying his tithing. We explained that he could pay it anytime, but it's a commandment that he can start keeping after baptism. He wants to start paying it now just to start getting the blessings.

They also told us on Sunday that the biggest blessing they have ever received was when we showed up at their house. "OUR LIVES HAVE CHANGED" I love them a lot.

Anyway, this week I finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish. I learned a lot about youth. Think of all the youth examples we have, Nephi, Moroni, that whole youth army, Joseph Smith, David, etc. They did incredible things, really incredible things. So then I thought, "Why don't youth do incredible things right now?" I think its because nobody expects them to, and they don't think they can.


Have a great week.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2017.10.02 Week 67 - same dress!

I don't have enough time to write today.

My companion and I wore the SAME dress. (Dresses made for us by our mothers!) We wore them together yesterday, complete with matching socks.

General Conference was incredible and this week we should be having two baptisms. Please pray for Augustina and Erik.

Monday, September 25, 2017

2017.09. 25 Week 66 - The spirit can direct us

What a fantastic life. I love being a missionary. It's seriously the best. This week was really great. We have two families of four that are working towards baptism and they are both super awesome. One family is Yanina, Yonaton, Yenifer, y Erik. They are all from Misiones and moved here somewhat recently. Yanina and Yonaton are a pareja (couple) and their daughter is Yenifer. Erik is their sobrino (nephew). They are really cool and right now are working towards getting married. This week they went to church and to a baptism to see how it is.

The other family has Julio, Eva, Azul, and Benicio. Azul is 14 and is already a member from about 4 years ago, right now she is trying to come back and her parents are also planning to get married so that they can get baptized. Benicio is her 8-year-old brother. Both families are amazing and we are having a lot of fun teaching them. There is also another 14-year-old named Agustina that is going to get baptized the 7 of October, some of her family are members and they are trying to come back to church. VAMOS ARRIBAAAAA!

There is still a struggle happening in our ward but I am trying to get over it.

My companion is the best ever. We get along extremely well and are just very similar people. I have never had the spirit so abundantly in my entire mission. We just have a lot of unity and are able to be very direct but loving with the people. Recently I have been learning a lot that the spirit can direct us in many ways, MANY.

Examples from yesterday...

Leticia: We were in her house teaching the palabra de sabiduria (word of wisdom) and then diezmo (tithing). When we left we talked about the lesson and realized that we had both had the distinct feeling that there was a man hiding in her house and that next time we have to teach the Law of Chastity. She is already a member, just inactive. 

Agustina: We taught the third lesson, the doctrine of Christ and the spirit was just really there. Her Mom and Grandma cried and then she accepted a fecha (date) to get baptized.

Oscar: We walked in, talked calmly for about 30 seconds, realized his heart was very hard and then we proceeded like Nephi to his brothers, to bajar la caña (drop the cane - Argentine phrase for "imply discipline") for an hour and tell him that we would never be visiting him again and that unless he softens his heart, he will never learn anything about God and will never be a part of His church. I testified that we were representatives of Christ and my companion testified that there is no other church with authority on earth. I know that Christ himself was there supporting us in this moment even though everything we were saying was extremely direct and Oscar didn't accept any of it.

So just yesterday we saw three ways the spirit can direct us.
1. Don de discernimiento. (Gift of discernment.)
2. Testifica de la verdad, y brinda paz al corazon (Testifies of the truth and brings peace to your heart.)
3. Es directo y no mienta, a veces tiene que purificar el templo (Is direct and doesn't lie, at times you need to purify the temple.)

Anyway, the mission is still great and I am super sunburned this week. A bird pooped on me again and we had to defrost our freezer with two baby hair dryers. The guy who works at Grido's (Ice cream shop) already knows us personally and knows our order. Our downstairs neighbors just live in the joda (partying) and this week came home from some sick party at seven thirty in the morning with half of their clothes on, smoking weed. LOVE THEM.

Monday, September 18, 2017

2017.09.17 Week 65 - Political candidates

It's just so great to be a missionary. I love it. It's the best job ever. I am very grateful for all the things I am learning out here serving the Lord, and I know that my life will NEVER be the same thanks to the fact that I have spent this little bit of time in Argentina.

These weeks have been great. The longest, fastest weeks EVER. I love my new companion and we get along extremely well. She helps me a lot. Her example really just teaches me a lot. For example...I have made my bed every day this transfer so far. That's kind of just a big step for me.

I have also never been so tired in my ENTIRE life, or my entire mission. I am just dead tired every single day. DEAD TIRED. But it is a very good tired, the kind that says, "You worked diligently all day."

This week we found some amazing people, who are definitely going to get baptized.

In other news, the ward here is just......interesting. Individually we have met lots of members who are just AWESOME and they are amazing examples as to how every member should act. And then there are others, who just so happen to be leaders, who are walking disasters. I am trying to learn to humble myself and accept that some people just really cannot be tamed.

This week "someone" in the ward invited a bunch of political candidates to come to sacrament meeting. When they arrived, halfway through the meeting, they were announced and called up to sit on the stand. UHHHH, WHAT THE HECK MAAN.

And then after sacrament meeting, all the missionaries from the ward were invited to a meeting where we were told that from now on this will be happening often and we will be expected to present them with a hard copy of the Book of Mormon and a framed Family Proclamation. I tried to humbly submit my opinion that it was not appropriate to have political candidates announced and sitting on the stand and that if we are going to give them fancy books and framed things, we should be doing it with EVERY visitor of the chapel. My words were somewhat rudely rejected and I left the meeting only slightly fuming. 

In the end, everything worked out and the stake president will be talking with these members because as it turns out it is completely inappropriate to do what they were doing. This just shows that even though we might not have all the rules and manuals memorized, the spirit will tell us if something is OK or not.

But in other news, I don't know how happy the bishopric will be to work with me in these coming months...pray for me.

LOVE YOU ALL, have a great time living your lives.

Monday, September 4, 2017

2017.09.04 Week 64 - A whitewash

Hi to all my fans. I am still alive. I changed areas today. I'm in Limay now. It's a pretty big city and I am pumped to work here. It was kind of hard to leave my last area because I really loved all the people there. It's pretty hard to believe how much you can come to love people in only 3 weeks. My new area is also going to be a whitewash. That just keeps up the record. Every transfer of my mission has been a whitewash. It's pretty nice, you can just show up and do whatever you want, you don't have to keep up with any disobedient traditions of the missionaries from before you. PUMPED.

Definition: WHITEWASH
Both of the missionaries from an area leave and two new missionaries arrive.