Monday, August 1, 2016

2016.08.01 Week 9 - God is real


I can't really believe this, it´s gone by realllllllly fast.

This week was great, we had the baptism of Maia which took up most of the week but was really exciting.

Miracle of the Week:

I lost my name tag the first day in Bariloche because it wasn't hooked very well to my coat. It fell off on the bus that goes between Neuquen and Bariloche. This was 3 weeks ago. I prayed that I would find it but knew that it was gone and probably somewhere in Neuquen 9 hours away. So I planned on ordering a new one, but these take about 7 months to arrive. So this week we are walking and this random guy in the street goes "Hermana Farr, Hermana Farr" I say "That's me!" assuming he is just reading my tag or something, I don't know. Then he says, "I have your name tag" Literally this random guy finds me on the street 3 weeks after I lost my name tag on a bus in Neuquen and hands me my name tag. He said he found it in some stairs somewhere. MILAGROS PEOPLE (miracles). If this doesn't prove that God is real then I don't know what does. So I was super happy all week thanks to this. It was super crazy but I am really grateful to have my name tag again.

Other things that happened this week.......mostly just the usual, lots of teaching. We have a lot of people that are really close to baptism, so this is exciting. We just need to give them that last little push.

Another fun thing. I am teaching my companion how to play the piano. It is a very slow process but is also very fun!

Hope all is well in America, it's an amazing place. I know why it's amazing now (well obviously for lots of reasons) but reason number one; America is full of really hard workers. I can't believe how lazy the people are here. It's really convenient for the missionaries because people are always in their house, but people just don't do anything here, ever. People work, but for about three hours in the morning and then they take a siesta for half of the day. Whatever. This is probably why the houses are constructed out of trash. But there is always at least one wall that is strong enough to hold up the directTV. It's actually hilarious. Ciao!!!!

Answers to questions from mom and dad:
I write my e-mails in an internet cafe, I have 70 minutes and it costs about 25 pesos ($1.67 USD)

Mate is actually really good, I'm just sick of it because every house we go to, we have to drink it. Missionaries can only drink mate cocido which is basically herbal tea. We don't do the whole grass floating in a gourd thing.

I'm an almost pro at the beso (kiss on the cheek) greeting. It's not awkward anymore but I forget all the time and people get offended. Church is the worst. You have to greet EVERYONE in the beginning and before you leave. I always forget people, I'm sure they are all offended.

Ya it's pretty much freezing or pouring rain. But I finally bought rain boots today so that should be helpful.

Lots of people are inactive, TONS. 

Things are still going really well with my companion. She is really kind and does all she can to help me. 

The language is pretty good and gets better every day.

We eat lots of pasta, milonesa (basically breaded carne asada), salads, pizza, soup. It's very Italian, every meal has multiple courses. And I haven't had rice once, but they have bread with every meal. I really like all of the food but I think milonesa is my favorite.

I'm not really sure how to cook things in the oven here because you have to light it. I don't think you really have much control over the temperature.

I am warm. Some days are much colder than others, but overall it isn't too bad. I wear these boots every single day. They're not very cute, but oh well.

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  1. Wow! Finding her name tag again really was a miracle! Great story.