Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017.08.21 Week 63 - Look for opportunities

It was a fantastic week in Heller. I LOVE THIS PLACE. My companion is still great. She teaches me a lot and helps me a lot. I love the ward here. I love people that take the gospel seriously and want to help. All of you should look for opportunities to talk to the missionaries and ask what you can do to help them. 

Some news of the week:
Yesterday we met a guy and he tells us his name is Demon. It's obvious that he is trying to be a gangster. His dog's name is Tupac. He just totally kills the gangster with his pen and necklace that are DragonBallZ. He tells us all about the hip-hop club that he is a part of. Obviously, I tell him all about my past experience with hip-hop. Ya know, I was in that club at my university. He invites me to their weekly freestyle rap battle. You know I'll be there. In the end, a super cool guy. He doesn't drink or use drugs, so that was a miracle. We are trying to see when we can go back and visit him.

Also, bad news. I am a Hoffman. Found my first THREE GRAY HAIRS. What? I am literally 20.

The guys here are just like super in love with us. There was a group of idiots in a car outside of our pension (apartment) yesterday trying to pick up our neighbor. They had lots of really special comments for us. I just love the boys in Argentina. Just so much. Especially when they pull out the English. So special.

In the end a great week, except for the whole cana (gray hair) thing. BOOOOO

Besos. (Kisses)

Monday, August 14, 2017

2017.08.14 Week 62 - What do you think I'm doing here in Argentina?

Yay for emergencies. I live in a new place now. It's called Heller, for those of you who don't speak English I'll translate it for you...mas infierno  (more fire). But in reality no, its a great place. The assistants called me on Thursday with the question, "Hermana Farr are you ready to serve the Lord?" "Uhhh, yeah, what do think I'm doing here in Argentina?" "Perfect we'll be there at 10 tomorrow to pick you up and take you to your new area. Your new companion will be Hermana Lettieri and her companion will be staying with your companion." "Um, yay."

I never really thought that I would only spend half of a transfer in an area, but it's pretty interesting. My new companion finishes her mission in 3 weeks. She seems to be one of God's very special children. I don't really know what happened with her and her comp, but I guess it didn't go well. She's had about a billion companions in the mission and been in a lot of trios. She's nice, but I can imagine that she hasn't felt very loved, and people haven't bothered to have much patience with her. I am excited to see what we can get done whitewashing these next three weeks!

Heller. I never thought it would be so good. It is literally the Zion of Argentina. The ward works SOOOOO WELLLL! I am so excited to be here. We have an awesome bishop, tons of RM´s, a ward mission leader, ward missionaries, just all the things a missionary dreams of, and all the things I haven't seen my whole mission. I LOVE HELLER!!!! I hope that I can just finish my mission here because it's heaven.

The sad news in all of this is that I had to leave Hermana Silva. I love that crazy Brazilian. She cried a lot when I left, but she is gonna do great. I hope her new companion is nice to her, because if not, I'm just gonna have to.....do something really evil.