Monday, June 26, 2017

2017.06.26 Week 55 - turning Argentine

There was a giant party in Senillosa because the bishop got changed this week. So next week we will be waiting for those 600ish members who are apparently inactive because of the old bishop. We are pretty pumped for the new bishop because he was our líder misional (ward mission leader) before and he is a really cool guy.

Also, I ate more Mondongo this week. Gotta love those innards. To be completely honest it was super yummy. By far the best Mondongo I have ever eaten. I am either crazy or turning Argentine. 

The Elders here are the worst, just the worst. Looking for that green card. Luckily my companion and I are really good at ignoring them. Eternal marriage is actually the goal AFTER the mission. 

We are struggling to find people who are interested in the gospel. We have talked to TONS of people. Any second now we are going to find someone who has interés. 

Nerdy gospel talk for the week is this:

God has a set of laws. They were set up a super long time ago. If we stick to them we get blessed. If we don't we get sad. Stick to them because it's better to get blessed than to get sad.

(There are lots of great references to what I just said in THE SCRIPTURES, feel free to look them up)


Also, I was in La Anonima (supermarket) and heard some music that must be new. WOW. What a weird way to express yourself


Monday, June 19, 2017

2017.06.19 Week 54 - the most important thing

Had a great week in Senillosa. It's a really small town. You can walk from one end to the other in about 30 minutes. There aren´t many options for buying food in town. We take a bus to Plottier to write our e-mails, and we are going to buy food here. And basically, nothing happens here, but the people are really nice and I am loving it. The ward is STRUGGLING to say the least, there are 600 members on record and about 15 adults go to church. We are planning to do what we can to help it out.

My comp is great, she's Hermana Silva de Brasil. I already love her and we are learning a lot together.

In other news, anyone I come in contact with after my mission is honestly super lucky that I went on a mission. My mission has changed me in pretty much every possible way. Obviously, I am still the same person as when I left, and I have the same personality, but fija (obviously), I´m different. I think it's all this clothes washing in the bathroom sink. I am also a way better cook now. I´m pretty pro at anything that has dough. Bread, rolls, pizza crust, scones, torta frita (fry bread), tortillas, etc. Don´t need a recipe or anything, thanks Argentina. This could also be the reason for the weight gain, but we are just going to ignore that.

Besides improving my ability to cook, and clean, I am also very grateful for all the things I have learned about God and Christ. I can now say that I am actually "converted." I really know that the things I am sharing are true, they apply to our lives, and they are going to make us happy. There is NOTHING more important than living the gospel, we live in a world of super small perspectives that makes it seem like lots of things are the "most important thing," but they are not. I am sure if we all just tried to have an eternal perspective a little more often, the world would be a very different place.

So this is my invitation to all of you. Think of your life for a second, what is the most important thing for you right now? Now think again, but with an eternal perspective? So what SHOULD be the most important thing for you?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK PIBES (Argentine term of affection referring to children)

Monday, June 12, 2017

2017.06.12 Week 53 - transfers


Now that I have six months left, I will be heading to the lovely town of Senillosa. If you look it up right now on Google, you have literally seen more of it than I have. I still haven't been there because the town doesn't have computers.

My companion is from Brazil and I am pretty pumped to work with her and to work more with the members where I am headed.

Last transfer with Hermana Howard was pretty much the best thing ever. The work was really hard but I just really love her. Never in my life have I been able to learn so much in six weeks like I did with her. She's just the best. Right now she is going to Bariloche, to hang out with all of my people.

Some of the things I learned last transfer...

-God loves us, no matter what. There is nothing bad we can do that will apartarnos (separate us) from his love. And there is nothing we can do to deserve his love. He just loves us, it's the most important thing. We are his kids.

-If we want Gods help, we have to work in his way. Which would once again, point to love. We can't expect to find exito (success) and to be able to follow the spirit if we aren´t working in his way. Our goal may be 4,078 baptisms, but if we just work towards that, we are never going to get it. Our goal needs to be "Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo." (Invite people to come unto Christ.)

-Every important thing we know is thanks to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. That needs to be our source for everything. Prophets and the scriptures.

-God has a perfect plan. If we try and follow him. There is no way that we are going to fail. Literally no way.

Yeah, I'll let you all know next time how this tiny town goes. I've been in cities my whole mission, so I am pretty excited. Vamos Arriba!

Monday, June 5, 2017

2017.06.05 Week 52 - a muffin for my year anniversary

My comp is nice and made me a muffin for my year anniversary.

We are really good at doing ParKor. (No idea how to spell that) 

As a missionary, I have no problem taking a nap on a pile of rocks. Todo tranquilo