Monday, August 22, 2016

2016.08.22 Week 12 - We are good friends, she understands me

It was translados (transfers) this week but I am still with my companion and in the same area. I'm super happy about that because she is the best and I also love my area. We spent another week traveling and went to San Martin. It was really pretty and I was super pumped to see my homie, Hermana Nokes again!

This week I was honored to eat more pastel de papas. NOT. Pastel de Papas is basically Shepherd´s Pie with a lot of meat and I think I ate it a thousand times recently. I love shepherd pie, just not every day. The good thing is that one family made us pizza that was SUPER YUM. It was just like the pizza at Pizzeria Limon, but it was never ending. SO GOOD.

Right now we have two investigators really close to baptism so I am super excited about that and hope to be able to send home pictures of their baptisms soon.

It feels like I write home every day because the time passes so quickly so I can never think of anything to say. But I love being on a mission, it's really hard but I can see blessings every day.

I didn't buy a sleeping bag here. The mission president's wife would not let me leave the mission home without one. They have a bunch there. I don't really need it, it's mostly nice because I travel a lot and need somewhere to sleep in other people's pensións (apartment). I could literally sleep naked it's so hot upstairs in our pension, but downstairs the heater is broken so I use the sleeping bag to study in because it's freezing. I'm really glad that I brought the blankets, I don't like using sleeping bags. 

We shop for food in "La Anonima" it's just a grocery store. But we buy bread in a bakery, fruit and vegetables in a verdulería, meat at the butcher, etc. It´s cheaper if you buy specific items in a store for those items.

Sidenote: I can never figure out how to flush toilets here. Usually there is just a hole in the wall and you have to find the exact thing to lift or push or pull to flush it. It´s embarrassing. Also, every house has one of those things that shoots water on your bum. No one uses them, they are just tp storage. 

Other Sidenote: I am teaching one family who is super awesome. They made the joke that since I'm staying in the area they need to buy a bigger fridge because I always eat a lot when we visit them. She always asks, "Does anyone want more?" If I don't respond she just stares at me until I do because she knows I want more. We are good friends, she understands me.

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