Monday, September 5, 2016

2016.9.5 Week 14 - I ate mondongo this week

I have no time to write but I ate mondongo this week. It was disgusting. I looked up what it was after...innards.  YAY. Innards are not better than air. I hope you are all doing well. I can´t believe I have finished three months of my mission. IT PASSES SO FAST AND SO SLOW. 

I am grateful every day to live in Bariloche, it is super pretty and a huge blessing. How many people get this opportunity to learn all about a new culture and live in Argentina, it´s pretty awesome!

We don´t have a ton of investigators right now so we got a list of all of the people in our ward so we can visit all of the menos activos (less actives). We are hoping to bring them back to the church and baptize their families!

This week we found 3 brothers that are about 9, 11, 15. We played soccer and basketball with them and are hoping that since we are friends now we can teach them. It was super fun to play "basketball." We played with a soccer ball and the hoop was a hula hoop stapled to a board, but I still wrecked, I don´t mean to be prideful but I think they were impressed, especially since I was playing in a skirt. I love basketball.

Thank you for all the emails and remember that GOD LOVES YOU! My goal right now is to learn more about the Savior. I have been reading Jesus the Christ and it is super super good. It's fun to learn more about Christ and his way of teaching. I appreciate learning that he wasn´t always Mr. Nice-Guy, if he needed to bajar la caña (drop the cane -Argentine phrase implying discipline), he could. I am trying to be loving but direct with investigators and follow his example.

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