Monday, September 19, 2016

2016.09.19 Week 16 - We can't wait to choose the right

Another fabulous week in Argentina! It's spring here and I am thrilled to stop using tights. They are just the worst. Everything here smells good right now and there are blossoms everywhere! It's weird to think that in America the seasons are opposite. I don't think that at Christmas I am going to believe that it is Christmas because it's already pretty hot, I can only imagine I am going to die of heat for Christmas.

The best news of the week is that Andrea is going to get baptized this Saturday! POR FIN (Finally). In the beginning, it seemed like an easy baptism. She literally showed up in the chapel one day and told us she moved to Bariloche to get baptized. NOPE. Not easy. She has a lot of drama with her family and keeps saying she wants to wait for life to be calm to get baptized. I think she finally understood what we have been telling her all along this week. Life is never calm, we can't wait to choose the right.

We had another lesson with Victor. For some reason, he is my favorite investigator so far on my mission. HE IS SO SMART. I love when people know things. I hope he can get baptized before I leave and I know if he keeps reading the Book of Mormon he is going to.


There is this crazy guy in our ward. He's crazy because he is actually missing a huge chunk of his brain. Don't ask me how he is even living with only part of a brain but it's always interesting to interact with him. This week we were walking down his street and he saw us so he came to talk to us. We were talking and somehow he starts talking about Facebook. Then he proceeds to tell us about how Hilary Clinton is super in love with him. She is constantly sending him messages on Facebook and he is SICK AND TIRED of her. He says, "Why doesn't she understand that I do not want to marry her? She is just so en amor (in love) that she can´t even think."

This was pretty much the funniest thing ever. If any of you are in contact with Hilary right now you can tell her that Nestor is sick and tired of her messages and no he will not marry her no matter how in love she is.

This week I have been very grateful for how logical the gospel is. It's just the best. It's so nice to explain the gospel to people because everything makes perfect sense.


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