Monday, July 3, 2017

2017.07.03 Week 56 - Good news. Weird news. Bad news.

Good week. Kinda weird. Kinda bad.

Good news, green card elder got emergency transferred out of our area.

Good news, today we are finally going to buy a mirror for our pensión (apartment). I have no idea what I have looked like for the past 3 weeks.

Good news, we had interviews with President this week and he gave me a lot of great counsel.

Weird news, we just found out the other elder here is going home tomorrow. His companion that has been here for about three days, is also leaving the area.

Weird news, in the blessing President gave me in my interview, he talked about how I need to start prepping now to get married. Ummmm, what? Give me a break for two seconds ehhh.

Bad news, my companion got bit by a the back of her knee.

Good news, I am basically a certified nurse and thanks to the great first aid kit from Aunt Stephanie the problem was dealt with relatively quickly, and with limited blood.

Bad news, according to my calculations we have contacted about 400 people in these last few weeks...of these 400, nobody cares about God.

Good news, we are just gonna keep working anyway with faith that God is preparing people to listen to our mensaje (message).

Have a great week. Read the Book of Mormon everyday. Pray every day. Go to church every week. These little things are going to make all of the difference in your lives.


Hermana Farr

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