Monday, June 26, 2017

2017.06.26 Week 55 - turning Argentine

There was a giant party in Senillosa because the bishop got changed this week. So next week we will be waiting for those 600ish members who are apparently inactive because of the old bishop. We are pretty pumped for the new bishop because he was our líder misional (ward mission leader) before and he is a really cool guy.

Also, I ate more Mondongo this week. Gotta love those innards. To be completely honest it was super yummy. By far the best Mondongo I have ever eaten. I am either crazy or turning Argentine. 

The Elders here are the worst, just the worst. Looking for that green card. Luckily my companion and I are really good at ignoring them. Eternal marriage is actually the goal AFTER the mission. 

We are struggling to find people who are interested in the gospel. We have talked to TONS of people. Any second now we are going to find someone who has interés. 

Nerdy gospel talk for the week is this:

God has a set of laws. They were set up a super long time ago. If we stick to them we get blessed. If we don't we get sad. Stick to them because it's better to get blessed than to get sad.

(There are lots of great references to what I just said in THE SCRIPTURES, feel free to look them up)


Also, I was in La Anonima (supermarket) and heard some music that must be new. WOW. What a weird way to express yourself


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