Monday, June 12, 2017

2017.06.12 Week 53 - transfers


Now that I have six months left, I will be heading to the lovely town of Senillosa. If you look it up right now on Google, you have literally seen more of it than I have. I still haven't been there because the town doesn't have computers.

My companion is from Brazil and I am pretty pumped to work with her and to work more with the members where I am headed.

Last transfer with Hermana Howard was pretty much the best thing ever. The work was really hard but I just really love her. Never in my life have I been able to learn so much in six weeks like I did with her. She's just the best. Right now she is going to Bariloche, to hang out with all of my people.

Some of the things I learned last transfer...

-God loves us, no matter what. There is nothing bad we can do that will apartarnos (separate us) from his love. And there is nothing we can do to deserve his love. He just loves us, it's the most important thing. We are his kids.

-If we want Gods help, we have to work in his way. Which would once again, point to love. We can't expect to find exito (success) and to be able to follow the spirit if we aren´t working in his way. Our goal may be 4,078 baptisms, but if we just work towards that, we are never going to get it. Our goal needs to be "Invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo." (Invite people to come unto Christ.)

-Every important thing we know is thanks to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. That needs to be our source for everything. Prophets and the scriptures.

-God has a perfect plan. If we try and follow him. There is no way that we are going to fail. Literally no way.

Yeah, I'll let you all know next time how this tiny town goes. I've been in cities my whole mission, so I am pretty excited. Vamos Arriba!

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