Monday, June 19, 2017

2017.06.19 Week 54 - the most important thing

Had a great week in Senillosa. It's a really small town. You can walk from one end to the other in about 30 minutes. There aren´t many options for buying food in town. We take a bus to Plottier to write our e-mails, and we are going to buy food here. And basically, nothing happens here, but the people are really nice and I am loving it. The ward is STRUGGLING to say the least, there are 600 members on record and about 15 adults go to church. We are planning to do what we can to help it out.

My comp is great, she's Hermana Silva de Brasil. I already love her and we are learning a lot together.

In other news, anyone I come in contact with after my mission is honestly super lucky that I went on a mission. My mission has changed me in pretty much every possible way. Obviously, I am still the same person as when I left, and I have the same personality, but fija (obviously), I´m different. I think it's all this clothes washing in the bathroom sink. I am also a way better cook now. I´m pretty pro at anything that has dough. Bread, rolls, pizza crust, scones, torta frita (fry bread), tortillas, etc. Don´t need a recipe or anything, thanks Argentina. This could also be the reason for the weight gain, but we are just going to ignore that.

Besides improving my ability to cook, and clean, I am also very grateful for all the things I have learned about God and Christ. I can now say that I am actually "converted." I really know that the things I am sharing are true, they apply to our lives, and they are going to make us happy. There is NOTHING more important than living the gospel, we live in a world of super small perspectives that makes it seem like lots of things are the "most important thing," but they are not. I am sure if we all just tried to have an eternal perspective a little more often, the world would be a very different place.

So this is my invitation to all of you. Think of your life for a second, what is the most important thing for you right now? Now think again, but with an eternal perspective? So what SHOULD be the most important thing for you?

HAVE A GREAT WEEK PIBES (Argentine term of affection referring to children)

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