Monday, April 24, 2017

2017.04.24 Week 46 - I'm loving this work

Was a great week to be a missionary. I'm loving this work and all the things that I am learning here.

This week we spent a lot of time in the heroin house. A house where we have a lot of investigators (with a lot of problems) But the good news is that Paola is going to get baptized on Saturday. She lives in the heroin house but really wants to get out. It is amazing to see how the gospel can change people. Her brother Walter got baptized about a month ago and is now helping all of his family to come unto Christ. He will be doing the baptism. You really do see a lot of miracles on a mission. It was just funny one of the times we visited this week. They were all acting kind of weird so we asked what was up, they just told us, "Cosas de la calle, cosas de la calle" (Things of the street) We just laughed and still don't know what had happened.

Also in my pictures I sent a bunch of weird ones. There is this one park called "Passage of the Woman" that has a bunch of weird statues, one day I tried to imitate them all.

Also my finger got cut one day and like professional nurses we had nothing, so I had a leaf tied around it all day.

We also have a few pics of what we like to call The 500 Pine-trees Resort. Real cute.

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