Monday, April 10, 2017

2017.04.10 Week 44 - For me it was funny

1. We walk past a group of 10/11 year old boys. They start practicing their English. 
"Hi My name is Joaquin? And you?" 
"Hi I'm Hermana Little." 
"WHAT? I didn't understand ANY of that." 
Then as we leave we just hear screaming and here comes the real English. " I LOBE UUUUU" It's always funny to hear the somewhat English comments. "Hello Baby" is pretty common.

2. I had to carry a giant dog out of church on Sunday. That's not actually unusual, but still funny.

3. We got one of our investigators to attend a baptism with us this week so we were super pumped. We show up to walk with her. She's in black heels and gold hambre leggings. And the best part, a t-shirt with Christ´s face printed on it. He's wearing a crown of thorns. It's all in black and white. But then his eyes are bright blue. It was super funny, I guess it's her usual church shirt.

4. All the members of the other ward here in Roca hate me because I laughed during the baptism. I'm just really sorry that the Elder slipped on the stairs into the font and just fell in. For me it was funny. That 3 seconds of laughing is apparently just completely inappropriate. Don't worry I already repented.

5. I spent some time this week sick. I puked a lot. It was a little weird because I noticed that I haven´t really puked in years. But don't worry parents, I remembered that FHE "How to Puke if You Are In Bed" lesson, and we didn't have any disasters.

BESOS (kisses) to you all. Have a great Easters.

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