Monday, April 3, 2017

2017.04.03 Week 43 - Laughing all week

GENERAL CONFERENCE. Just the bomb. Loved it, I hope you could all watch or listen and learn. The main thing that I really got out of conference is that we just have to give it all over to Christ. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all that there is to do and we see that we haven't arrived at perfection yet. We see endless limitations and lots of problems. We put goals and don't arrive. We try to have faith and wonder why we have trials. In the end we just have to fortify our faith in Christ. There is only one way that we are going to arrive at perfection and it is through him. If we hand it all over he will take it all. I love this. I also loved the talks about diligence, we can't hand it all over to Christ then sit down and do nothing. If we are working to become better and trusting in Christ and in God's love, everything will work for our good.

This week we saw lots of miracles and met a lot of great people. We met a few families which is just the best. The families can really see their need for the gospel and can enjoy it better.

Funny Story of the Week:
As completely innocent missionaries we would obviously never read graffiti or anything like that because it's just bad. But we did learn a new word this week and decided to ask our district leader (who learned English from MTV) what it meant. We ask him and he just says while he is gasping for air laughing and scolding us for ever saying that word out loud, "BIG BALLS, in a REAALLLLY BAD WAY" So basically we have just been laughing all week about big balls in a really bad way.

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