Monday, April 17, 2017

2017.04.17 Week 45 - Apostle

I cut my hair. I'm still happy about it, but I cut a lot off so we'll see next week.

President Nelson was GREAT. I saw my great friends. I love Hermana Barfuss a super lot, we want to be comps again.

The mission conference with President Nelson was super awesome. Super super awesome. Apostles have such a strong spirit, it is just crazy. 

We learned a lot about the resurrection of Christ and all the times he has appeared after his death. It was super awesome. He had me stand up and answer a question and was just talking to me. It was the most amazing and embarrassing moment of my life. We also talked about how the gospel is the only light that will be left in the world. We have to let our lights shine, we can´t be neutral. As the world gets darker our lights will just get brighter. 

He also gave an amazing blessing. He blessed us all with the things we would need to be successful missionaries. The desires to share the gospel, to choose the right, to be obedient, to share the gospel after our missions with our families and friends. It was super cool. The best part of the blessing is when he blessed us and more importantly our families with a blessing for the sick and afflicted. He gave a blessing of healing where he told us that if it was God´s will everyone in our families would be healed of any problems that they were having. 

BESOS (kisses)

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