Monday, March 27, 2017

2017.3.27 Week 42 - Miracles and blessings of being a missionary

It was a fantastic week to be a missionary! My new companion is THE BEST. I am super happy now. We had a really good heart to heart our second day together with lots of the spirit and decided we needed to up our diligence about 3000 degrees. So we have been working super hard, harder than I have ever worked on my mission. AND IT IS THE BEST. We have seen so many miracles just in this week.

I invite you all to be a little more diligent in all of your things. A lot of times we have faith and put in the effort, but its minimum effort. Think of all the miracles we read about in the scriptures. I can´t think of even one, where the person put in the bare minimum and then God put a miracle right in front of them. For example Nephi and his brothers going back to get the plates. They had already tried multiple times and nothing happened. Then when Nephi goes in with literally NO PLAN. He sees a miracle and everything works out. It's because he had faith and he had already gone through his own plan a, b, c, etc. We can´t get stuck being Laman and Lemuel. We do all the work to go to Jerusalem so we obviously have a little faith, we even try getting the plates one time. We have some spiritual experiences happen, and then we just suddenly lose all faith and all animo (courage). If we head back at this point, we already did almost all the work to see the miracle. Just keep going for thirty more seconds. When we can finally understand diligence in our lives we can make God´s promises work for our good. If we have faith and do our part, GOD CAN DO ANYTHING. So if you aren't seeing the miracles in your life you should probably just do a little self evaluation. Am I doing enough to deserve a miracle? Because if you have done enough to see a miracle, you will see a miracle, si or si.

Anyway after that giant rant I'm just happy to say that the mission is the best and I love it. I have 8 more months to be as diligent as I can and enjoy all the miracles and blessings of being a missionary.


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