Monday, January 2, 2017

2017.01.02 Week 30 - I am in Roca

I am alive. I am in Roca. I will probably be dead by next week. It is millions of degrees here. And pretty ugly. I'll be fine. Probably. I might shave my head. The ward is super great, I am whitewashing*. So we don't really know anything. Happy New Year. My companion is from Brasil, I am a little worried, we have different ideas about every single thing. Ciao.

*To be Whitewashed into or out of an area is where both companions in an area are replaced or taken out of an area. 

General Roca is a city in the northeast of the Argentina province of Rio Nego, northern Patagonia. Its present population is approx. 86,000. The main activity around the city in the intensive agriculture under irrigation which made possible and intense agro-industrial activity. The main crops are pears and apples. The city hosts the annual National Festival of the Apple.

The city is surrounded by a patchwork of irrigated land totaling 250,000 acres. Besides apple and pear orchards, there are vineyards and other establishments producing peaches and a varitey of other fruits and vegetables. (source)

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