Monday, January 30, 2017

2017.01.30 Week 34 - what a saint

This week was just full of excitement. It started out with me being sick.

Sick: Mouth full of blisters caused by sun that feel like a constant stabbing knife and bleed constantly. Upset stomach. Dolor en su cabeza (headache). And basically just your whole body hurts, but it's super fun because you get to sit in your pension and do nothing but die a little more because you don't have air conditioning.

I cut my hair this week, it's still enormous but a little better. I just got sick of it so I went in the bathroom and cut it. Also, don't worry about my disease. I am completely fine now.

Anyway now that we left the depressing, this week was super awesome because of the new mission rules that the whole world has now! I LOVE THEM. First of all, we get to sleep a little more. What could be better than that? Next, we get to focus on the things that really are important. I love that as missionaries we get to have a little more freedom now. More opportunities to help more people.

This week was also really great because Suzana came to church by herself. We have been teaching her this entire traslado (transfer). She's really great but has some pretty severe mental health issues. Including schitzophrenia. Who knows how you spell that? So it was a miracle that she could get to church on her own. We've had a lot of struggles as we try to decide whether or not she can get baptized since it is pretty unlikely that she will continue fiel (faithful). But, vamos arriba (slang for "let's move forward").

We also met the most awesome inactive family ever. Their daughter has the same birthday as me, so I will probably make her a cake.

But to top the week off was the moment yesterday when I got to watch my companion barf in the street. What a pleasure. I tried to be a good companion but really I just died laughing. But then I was a really good companion and covered the barf with weeds for her so that nobody would step in it. What a saint. Now she is fine and we are back to work.

And now for something spiritual. The temple. Only the best place ever. If you have one close to you, please go. Our stake just got back from a temple trip and I am really jealous. I know that all you people can go pretty easily. HAGALO (DO IT!) It really is the house of God and we can learn so much and feel the spirit a ton. Don´t waste the precious gift that you have.


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