Monday, January 23, 2017

2017.01.23 Week 33 - A lot of sweat

Sorry that I have really let down this fan page for the last little bit, I haven't really had time. Its pretty hard when you are this famous because there are just so many people that want to talk to you.

Anyway life in the mission is pretty great! Right now I am in the ugly. But the ugly is pretty great. The members here are really awesome. Right now we are working with a lot of menos activos  (less actives) and their kids. This is pretty much just the best because we reactivate someone and baptize someone! 

This week basically consisted of a lot of sweat. There was nothing else. Just sweat. But the good news is that we are still alive. I just pretty much want to kill my companion every night because she says she can't sleep with the noise of the fan. WELL DO YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING? I CANT SLEEP WHEN IT'S SEVEN BILLION DEGREES. But it's okay because I am really calm about it.

In other news....yeah it's just hot. We had intercambios (exchanges) this week and that was pretty great. Pretty tiring, but pretty great. I was really worried to have intercambios because we had a little obedience problem about a week ago with some hermanas (sisters) and we had to call President, who had to call them. I figured intercambios would be a nightmare because the hermanas would be mad, but everything turned out fine. Obedience is always the answer!

I hope that you are all remembering to read your Book of Mormons everyday because it is super important. This really is the keystone of our religion. Read it or die. Well, you won't die, but your testimony will.💀💀💀

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