Monday, December 26, 2016

2016.12.26 Week 29 - We brought gingerbread cookies

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and could remember Christ a little bit. Not much happened here, but I got to talk to my family and that was super great. Sort of. There are a few more people taller than me now so I don't know if I'm ever gonna go home. But they are really great. 

This week was spent with us trying to find a pension (apartment) to rent for the new elders that are going to be in our area. We just pretended we were on HGTV with a really small budget and really ugly furniture.

For Christmas Eve we went and ate with our favorite Italians. He cooked a trout he caught for us. It was a three course meal all with homemade noodles. It couldn't have really been more delicious. 

They also almost cried when we they saw that we brought gingerbread cookies. They took a million pictures of them and told us how they have only ever seen them in the movies. It made us feel like we were on food channel, real deal chefs or something great like that. 

Sunday we had church for an hour and were surprised to see someone from the area presidency there, he gave a great talk. Also, we are super excited because Elder Nelsen is going to come to our mission in April. I can´t wait to meet that guy!!!!


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This is what it looks like when you are dying of frio (cold) in your pension (apartment).

Here is some other picture that was to small for me to see what it was but I hope it was really great.

Here's us with some food.

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