Monday, December 5, 2016

2016.12.5 Week 27 - Pretty much the best

No letter came this week. Here are some excerpts from her letters to mom and dad:

This whole leadership thing just really isn't that great. It just got about a million times worse after I wrote you last week. We ended up getting to a pension (apartment) and the hermanas didn't have anything. Not even toilet paper. It's a lot of work for us to go and visit other hermanas and it really hurts our own area, so its pretty annoying when we get there and they are just horrible. Last Wednesday was pretty much the worst of my life/mission. We were in these hermana's apartment without food, water, beds, toilet paper, etc. HORRIBLE. They also purposely did not plan any lessons that day so that when we got there we just contacted with them all day. They went to lunch with a member but told us we were not invited. We slept on the tile kitchen floor. HORRIBLE. Then Thursday we had intercambios (exchanges) with other hermanas and they were just AWESOME. The only problem is that we got there and I was sick. I'm pretty sure from lack of all the things the day before. But these hermanas were the opposite. They bought a ton of extra food so we could eat. Gave us their beds. Planned millions of lessons, and HAD TOILET PAPER. They were so awesome that when I got there I just started crying because I was sick and it was such a change from the other scenario. YIKES. 

I always wondered why hermana liders (Sister Trainer Leaders) were necessary until we went and did intercambios (exchanges) and realized that these people just have no idea what they are doing, and really do need a lot of help. I'm just pretty sure I am completely unqualified to help them. They think the same, since all of them have more time than me, and are fluent in Spanish. I think that is part of the problem. Oh well, I am just trying to put my confidence in "God qualifies who He calls".
I love "Ilumina el Mundo" (Light the World). It's the best thing to invite people in the street to do because it's something fun they can do with their family. AWESOME

As I explained to a girl in the ward here about missions, I really felt the spirit and realized just how awesome they are. I want to tell every single person to go, because I have learned so many things here that I never would have learned otherwise. It's pretty much the best. But it is definitely the hardest thing I have done in my entire life and sometimes I just wish I could be trucho (fake, false) and sleep all day.

I'm really excited to talk to you in Spanish in a few weeks. But you are definitely going to laugh because Castellano (Argentine Spanish) has an accent that is a little different. A lot of the other countries in South America hate it. I love it, I like it better than the other accent.

I always try to be perfectly obedient. Lots of times it is hard. But if you really think about it this is one of the most stress free times of your life. Your full time job is to be obedient, and it's really not that hard. When we are obedient we can know that we deserve the help of God and we have stronger faith that he will come through for us.

I am super excited to have hit 6 months! I always thought that once I hit 6 months it was basically like it was over. It's not. There's still a lot left. But I can't believe that I can say now that next year at this time I will be home. Yikes. Real life is super scary. 

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