Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016.11.29 Week 26 - A million degrees here

As I sit here in this cyber (internet cafe) I am just laughing because:

1. I smell like armpit.

2. I am on intercambios (exchanges) right now and forgot my toothbrush.

3. I can´t decide if I have a fever or it's just a million degrees here.

4. My companion looks like a gypsy but is really happy cuz her skirt was 15 pesos.

5. I want Crocs for Christmas. Seriously. But not just any. Platform Crocs, black, with a racing stripe. They are pretty much just super awesome and the most Argentine thing EVER. Everyone here wears Crocs ALL THE TIME. To church. In the park. Qualquier momento. (At any time.) Yep. I used to hate them. But things change. Please donate to my fund. 

Anyway, life is great here. I love my mission SO MUCH. I just realized this week how great it really is. There is no better opportunity that you could ever take in your life. When else am I going to learn all the things I am learning. NEVER. Basically, just all of you prepare now to serve a mission because it is the best thing you could ever do. 

Well, I can´t really think of anything else. Please pray for me as I try to do intercambios (exchanges) with people that are sure they know way more than me and don´t want to listen to anything I say. Literally, this one chick wouldn´t even look at me and my companion as we tried to talk to her. She better just watch out because I am about to shower her in love. WE EVEN BOUGHT HER PIZZA. I'll let you all know how it goes. 

Have a great life and remember that God loves you. He has a plan for you. And if you pray and ask him he will show you what you need to do.

In other news that I just remembered. ILUMINA EL MUNDO (Light the World). It's this awesome movement that the church is doing for Christmas. DO IT PEOPLE.

Bueno, ciao.

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