Monday, November 7, 2016

2016.11.7 Week 23 - I can't wait to help him in his life goal

Not much happened this week.


I´m engaged. 

A really great drug dealer in the street invited me to get married to him 4 times yesterday. I'm really excited for our wedding that will probably be tomorrow and I can't wait to help him in his life goal to have "millions of Canadian children"

But in reality I told him about thirty times I wasn't from Canada. And he was just absolutely sure that we needed to get married. HANNAH (BYU friend) I accomplished that thing on your bucket list that was, "Get someone to fall in love with you, propose, SAY NO" Never thought that would happen but I am really glad you can cross it off the list. 

Besides that, the week was a little normal, but I am loving serving the Lord and interested to see what translados (transfers) bring this Friday. There is a good chance I will be leaving Bariloche because I have been here so long. I'm really sad about that, but we will see. Love you all!

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