Monday, December 19, 2016

2016.12.19 Week 28 - I have a huge sunburn under this snowsuit

So this week was just great. 

We had the funnest slash funniest tea party ever. We get this call from a woman named Nancy to come over and have tea with her and her Aunt during the week. And of course we say yes because she is an investigator and her Aunt is a member. So then the day for tea comes and we go. We get there and it's her, her Aunt and 2 other women. All in their late 80's. But these aren't just cualquier (any) 80-year-olds. THEY ARE KILLING IT. It was pretty much just hilarious. They are all just yelling the whole time because nobody can hear, and we're all drinking "tea". And eating panettone. It was hilarious. 

But then it just got better. Guacalda starts telling everyone she's sick of living because she's just bored. So they all convince her that she should just start a bread business. They tell her to buy a new stove. Bake bread every day. And sell it in the streets. But we can't forget the last part. She lives in a little house on the property of her son and he can't know about any of this. So really the plan is that she is going to do all this without him knowing. She's just gonna hide the bread under the bed. Then she realized she can't actually walk super well. So the other woman gives her, her cane. It was just great. And super funny. And super fun. The plan is to baptize them all.

Basically, Argentina is getting along just fine, and I'm wondering if summer is ever going to come. The weather here is crazier than Utah. I have a huge sunburn under this snowsuit. 


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