Saturday, June 25, 2016

2016.06.25 Week 4 - the food was just the last straw

  Weeks fly by but also so much happens in one week. This week my compañera and I became STL´s. It´s basically the equivalent of Zone Leaders, but obviously, we are girls. I thought it would be an easier assignment than it is, it´s not too hard but we have to interview all the girls every week and see how they are doing. I don´t exactly love that because lots of people are having issues that I do not know how to help them with. I want everyone to have a good experience but do not exactly know how to help them.

   We got two new districts in our zone on Wednesday and I got to give them a tour of the MTC. It´s really funny that we are giving the tour since it seems like we just got here, but you are basically an MTC expert after about 2 days. The food is absolutely disgusting this week, we are eating in the gym because the cafeteria is reserved for general authorities and honestly, it is not good. I showed up at one meal and literally started crying because the food was just the last straw.

     Speaking of food. Say hello to your fat friend. I weighed myself on Tuesday and I have gained between 11-13 lbs. So I'm actually still really skinny but it's a good thing you sent pants that were 50 sizes too big with me, they fit perfectly. I have started running during exercise time and instead of taking every dessert at every meal I am limiting myself to one. The guys are all losing weight because they are all losing muscle, so I am just assuming that I have gained 11 lbs of muscle. YAY FOR FAT.

     We got two new roommates this week which is actually pretty unusual because they aren't even in our zone. On Wednesday we were all laughing because none of us were dressed and we thought it would be hilarious if they walked in right then, but then they did. So their first encounter with the MTC was walking into their room and seeing four naked roommates. Bienvenido!!!

     We also got another one of our investigators to commit to baptism which was really spiritual and awesome. I cannot believe my time here is halfway gone. I have so much Spanish to learn, and so little time. I guess it will all work out though! I love my district and love the spirit that I feel constantly! Ciao.

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