Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016.07.02 Week 5 - two miracles occurred

One month down, seventeen to go. That is the craziest thing ever. It has gone by SUPER fast. To start off the week we got slacks from the MTC. I think mine are actually from Nordstrom and Banana Republic, but honestly, they are mucho feo. It is necessary that they be 98% wool, CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HOT I AM GOING TO BE. Oh well. We are even supposed to wear them to church and then change to normal clothes when we get there. #unreal 

On Wednesday we hosted for all the new missionaries that got dropped off. It was super sad to see all of them saying goodbye to their families, especially since we've been here and realize what they are in for. They are going to have our district do it again next week. I didn't end up hosting anyone because all the other sisters were being psycho. I'm not gonna get in a fist fight with someone over who gets to walk someone to their room. Oh well. I did end up getting a sunburn from this, it was actually hilarious because I was wearing a shirt with a peephole and I had a perfect tan/burn of that hole on my back. My district spent the whole time making jokes about what we would actually say to these missionaries if we could say anything:

"I hope you took a nap before, because you are not going to sleep for the next 2 years."

"Have you had acne before, no, well get ready"

"How do you feel about gaining weight?"

"What language are you learning? **********Burst out laughing"

"How do you feel about diarrhea?"

"Are you prepared to rap all of the hymns in your mission language?"

Also, a million other things that we would never say but apply perfectly to the MTC. It's funny that by week two in the MTC you are a complete expert.

Thursday we all had a mental breakdown. I ended up getting a blessing from one of the elders in my district and it was superbien. I just got hit with a huge feeling of inadequacy. I realized how soon I am going to the field and how little I feel like I know. I definitely do not feel prepared to tell the people of Argentina something that is super important, and I was just feeling bad because I don't feel like I have done everything I could have to prepare. The blessing was exactly what I needed to hear and it is super cool to see the elders use their priesthood.

We got our flight plans on Friday and we are leaving a week from Monday. LOCO. Two miracles occurred in regards to our flights. First, somehow we all ended up on the same plane which is great because we love each other. I don't separate from my district until Buenos Aires. Second, we leave the MTC at 8:50 AM. Everyone, literally EVERYONE, I have talked to before has left at 2 AM and somehow we get sooooo blessed and get to leave at 8:50. Anyway #Godisreal It's super crazy that we are all actually going on missions, I am so excited and so scared. Also very happy because the airport has a cafe rio.

Hermana Lejos

Me doing laundry.

I'm sure my blog had enough followers by now that no matter what I do they want to see.

My favorite Hermanas. I love them mucho.

Me and Elder W looking #enfermo.

Us and our favorite locos.

The most awkward picture I could take with Harry Potter.

The people that I love.

Guess what, I'm going on a mission.

Perfect description of the district.

This is me.

A small taste of what it is like in the real world.

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