Monday, July 18, 2016

2016.07.18 Week 7 - I felt the need to invent the word "enojambre"

Craziest week of my life so far. Monday morning I flew out with my district to Atlanta and then Buenos Aires. It was tan loco.  About 24 hours of travel. Then we arrived in Buenos Aires, were driven to a different airport and shipped to each of our missions. This was about 3 more hours of flight for me. We got to Neuquen and went to the mission home and had some empanadas that were the best. Then spent the night with some sisters in Neuquen.

The next day we spent the morning dealing with our visas, and met our trainers in the afternoon. My trainer is also an STL so we had to stay an extra day at the mission home so she could attend a meeting. She went to the meeting on Wednesday while I sat in an apartment all day and starved, then we had a bus leaving at midnight to go to my area Bariloche. This was 9 more hours, we got to Bariloche by morning and then just started working.

Still no food. At this point I realized food was not actually important to my trainer and then felt the need to invent the word "enojambre" lo mismo as "hangry" in english. So we went to the store and finally bought some food, the food is very different here. It is much cheaper than in America but because of our budget we can´t actually buy any of it. This is very depressing because apparently I am addicted to food. We were able to buy something similar to tortillas and something kind of like cheese so I have been making some version of quesadillas. 

My trainer is really awesome. She only speaks Spanish which is really lonely but I know it is a good thing because I need to learn. Every person I talk to says I am paired with the best person in the mission. We had quite a few lessons this week and I invited a woman named Marela to be baptized and she said yes so that´s cool.

Before Argentina I dreamed of things like the Bahamas and MacBooks, now I dream of Vacuums and toilets that don´t need to be fixed after every use.

Honestly, it has been an extremely hard week and I realize that this letter is pretty depressing, but I have come much closer to Christ as I am forced to rely on him, he knows English.

Today is finally P-Day and after this, I am going bowling so all is well.  HAHAHA. The other thing I forgot, I got to church and ended up having to speak and also taught Gospel Doctrine. The mission is a weird place, we are the people that everyone relies on to know everything. Also, I taught my companion how to make french toast because I figure it is cheap and we have all the supplies. So we had breakfast with some investigators that we took to church. They all think it is "tan rico."

You are all awesome and thank you mucho for your prayers!

I have no idea what any of these pictures are and they took half of my time to upload so I hope they work, but if there is a picture of a potato its because its the best food I've eaten since arrival. The MTC weight is probably already gone.

(Editor's note: It's super common in South America to see clothing with English words on them. No one knows what the words mean, but the items are popular because they're "American." I once saw a man in Ecuador walking down the street, wearing a shirt that said, '"Baby on Board.")

Editors note about Bariloche:
San Carlos de Bariloche (commonly called Bariloche), in Argentina's Patagonia, is a town bordering Lago Nahuel Huapi, a large glacial lake surrounded by the snow-crowned Andes. It's known for its Swiss alpine architecture and its chocolate, sold in shops lining Calle Mitre, the main street. It's also a popular base for hiking and skiing the nearby mountains and exploring the surrounding Lakes District. (via Google)

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