Saturday, July 9, 2016

2016.07.09 Week 6 - thanks to a fabulous companion

I'm still alive. I'm not dead. I leave the country on Monday. 

I've spent the last 2 days in the Dentist/Hospital/ER. My companion will no longer be coming to Argentina with my district. 

She went to a last minute dentist appointment yesterday because she thought she might have a gum infection, it ended up being a root canal so they just fixed it right then. Talk about disgusting, I had to sit and watch her get a root canal fixed. So because of that, I missed 4 hours of in-field orientation. She was kind of out of it and feeling sick for the rest of the day. I think because of the drugs, she was just super tired. So our teacher told us to go home a little early so she could go to bed. We walked home and when we got there she was feeling a little pain in her chest. It just got worse, she told me not to worry about it but I could tell it was really bad, eventually I went and called the front desk. They sent security and we headed to the emergency room. So I was in the ER with my companion until about 2 AM when they left her in the hospital and sent me back to the MTC. It turns out she has a super inflamed pancreas, i think it's called "Pancreatitis" They let us go back today and say goodbye to her because she will not be coming to Argentina. 

Last night was honestly super hard and made me want to come home. Usually in emergency room situations I just call home, but in this situation all I could do was try and lay on the two folding chairs in the room. It's hard to feel completely helpless. So I was basically just in the ER with no phone or anything, the MTC just dropped us off. It was super depressing. Also I felt soooo bad when they made me leave, my companion was crying so hard and I was literally the only familiar thing there, so I had no idea why they wouldn't have me stay. Also, it was just me and a male security guard on the way home. It was fine but I am pretty sure that isn't actually allowed.

So overall, all is well. But I have had a super crazy few days. I have not packed anything. I got about 4 hours of sleep. And I missed 4 meals. Good thing this church is true because missions are really hard. NO ME GUSTA. So please pray for Hermana Thompson so that they can figure out what is up. I am grateful to have a super supportive district here helping me.  It was a really hard end to what should have been an exciting week.

And on to other news. No need to dwell on the WORST. Elder W admitted his love to me, he says he plans on growing a few inches on his mission so we can get married. Hahaha, he was friends with Caleb in high school and he also knows JoJo (BYU friends). So he will have to fight Joe for my hand. I know for a fact that Joe would win.

I had some really spiritual lessons this week with our investigator Andres. Thanks to a fabulous companion. I'm just super bummed about the whole companion situation because I was so blessed to begin with.

I got to see the Cutlers when I hosted on Wednesday which was super awesome. Gotta love a familiar face. Love them.

I appreciated an awesome package from the Christianson's. I pretended that the glowsticks were fireworks and I was celebrating the fourth of July.

Yay for Argentina and trying to be happy. I know that through Christ I can be happy and that things will work out for my companion. I finished the Book of Mormon this week and it was super awesome. This is one of the things I read this week and it really helped me and my companion with everything that has happened. 3 Nephi 21:10 "But behold, the life of my servant shall be in my hand; therefore they shall not hurt him, although he shall be marred because of them. Yet I will heal him, for I will show unto them that my wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil." I know that this is very true and that she will end up in Argentina when God needs her there. I have really loved reading the Book of Mormon again. Most likely because I have actually been studying it this time. It is such a fun and interesting book, LOVE IT!

I am excited because I am planning on getting Cafe Rio in the airport on Monday. We have a layover in Atlanta and I've been designated as the travel leader of my group. Yikes. I know nothing. But I feel very good about the whole thing since I will be with my whole district.

Ciao. Next post will be from Argentina.

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