Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016.06.11 Week 2 ~ Hermana Lejo, please stop diving

Week two was super crazy. There are moments when I absolutely love the MTC and moments when I hate it. Spanish is hard, I can understand mostly everything, but can say basically nothing. Here are some stories from the week:

1. Gym Time: This is all I hear the entire time..."Hermana Lejo, please stop diving!" "Hermana please no more collisions." "Remember we don't need to keep score" Basically I can't control myself, I just want to hit the ball if I know I can, regardless of if the floor or another person is in the way. Also, I am somewhat shocked by the inability of a lot of people to do anything active.

2. I was in the choir this week so I was able to be on a broadcast where we premiered Elder Bednar's new primary song. It was really cool, it's called "One by One." He also came to speak and the spirit was really there.

3. We committed our investigator to baptism. Yay! It was a really spiritual lesson regardless of the fact that I don't know any Spanish. Here some language issues from so far:

Elder D- Jesus Christ can save you from your fish.
Me and the Comp- We are all given the fight of Christ
Trying to explain the temple- Its the big white gospel (meant to say church)

4. Last night I was super super annoyed because I could not sleep. My bed just kept making this really annoying noise and in my delirium and while I was half asleep I kept thinking, "the best thing to do right now would be to get an axe and break this bed, then it will stop making noise." Well, eventually I fell asleep but woke up really mad because I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked to. I said something about it and one of my roommates complains that she heard it all night also. I then start moving this piece on the top bunk and it makes the exact noise that was happening ALL NIGHT.  The whole room was awake all night because of that noise. Then my roommate goes to the bathroom at 4am and locks herself out and wakes up my companion by pounding on the door to let her back in. WHHHHYYYYYYY.  

5. Overall I love my district and my companion a lot which makes it really hard to study. We get off topic a lot of the time. Luckily the elders are immature enough to ask how to say all the words like poop and fart. I want to know these words but its nice that they ask and I don't have to.

6. Friday was the worst day ever. I couldn't stay awake and was really wondering why I would make the decision to do this for 18 months. Then I prayed for comfort, and was immediately granted that wish. I got a package notification and it was a ginormous box of food. Muchas gracias, it made my whole day better and will continue to make it better because, food. Letters also make every day better.

Overall a great but really hard week. Your brain just feels like it is going to explode all the time because so much information is being forced into it. 

Hermana Lejo

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