Monday, May 22, 2017

2017.05.22 Week 50 - pray for my laundry

I´m pretty sure that nothing happened this week. Except that my comp made it to twenty years. I tried to help her celebrate by doing some really special things like making Jello and putting 20 pieces of rotten apple in it. I think she felt my love. 

So here is some random stuff to fill the email:

1. There aren't couches here. I think I will cry when I see my couch again. I also think I will probably sleep on the carpet in my house for a week and it will still be more comfy than all the beds I have had here.

2. Everyone here does their hair like they are in kindergarten. Remember those weird butterfly hair-clips, yeah. Erryday.

3. Lots of people "know" English.

4. Mate is a severe addiction here, the people can't go even half a day without it.

5. You have to buy all of your food separately. This week we made fideos con tuco (spaghetti and meatballs). We had to pass by one store to buy bread, one for carne picada (ground meat), one for veggies and one for noodles. Really special.

6. You can walk to anything, cars are completely unnecessary.

7. If anyone doesn't have enough things to pray for, you can pray for my laundry. I've been washing it a large bucket for 6 months now. I will never complain about washing my clothes in America again, I'm pretty sure they are just super dirty.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week and remember how much God loves you, he has prepared everything for you to be able to be happy and return to live with him.

Are you wondering if she has yellow flowers in her eyebrows? Yes she does.

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