Monday, May 8, 2017

2017.05.08 - Week 48 - So many blessings

What a crazy week! CRAZY! This week was leadership conference, so that was cool. I always leave super inspired and ready to baptize everyone I see. Our Mission President is just such an inspired man, killing it, killing it that guy.

We also had some more craziness with Satan this week. Walter is Paola's brother. He did her baptism after getting the priesthood like a week before her baptism. It was super cool and everything was going well until on Wednesday when he had a recaída (relapse) and smoked and did drugs again. So we went to talk to Paola because she was feeling real bad. She assumed that her baptism didn't vale (didn't count) anything. She told us that she was planning on getting baptized again in a year or two. Ummm, no. 

We talked to her and had a really great lesson on the atonement and what it means that Christ is our Salvador y Mediador (Savior and Mediator). Since those are things that people always say, but lots of times do not understand, we brought some coins and told her that she really wanted to buy something. Something that she absolutely needed but she didn't have any money. So she had to go to the bank. I was the bank. We had a contract that she needed to pay the money back in a week or she was going to cárcel (jail). A week passes, she doesn't have the money. I start calling cárcel (jail), and JUSTO (right then) her friend shows up and pays her debt. What a good friend. We talked about how this friend is Jesus and that thanks to him we can repent of all of our sins. She was able to understand and happily was able to get confirmed. It was super awesome.

In the same news, I have never seen so many blessings so instantly after a baptism. She got baptized. Her son got a house, a horse and a job en blanco (legal/over the table job). He was able to move out of the drug house. She got a job, and is planning to rent or build a house now. Her daughter learned how to read and is one of the best in her class. But the best part of all is that Paola is relating all of these things directly to her baptism. She now has a strong testimony of how if we keep the commandments and do the things that God asks us, he just rains blessings down. I really love her and her daughters and I am very happy that everything is going well for them.

Also in some sort of miracle one of our investigators accepted a fecha (date) to get baptized. We have invited her to get baptized hundreds of times. This is the first time she accepted. She is the daughter of a member. She´s called Auca and she has 17 years old.

Love you all. Have a great week. Remember that Christ is your Salvador and think a little about what that actually means.

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