Monday, October 3, 2016

2016.10.03 Week 18 - I am super scared to do this

As usual, conference was the best.  It was pretty much like Christmas. I was happy because I could watch it in English and was really happy with the focus on member missionary work. We are about a million times more effective when we are teaching with members and teaching the friends of members! DO IT PEOPLE.

I made cinnamon rolls for general conference and was really proud of myself. They were hardcore with yeast and everything! People didn't hate them so that's good news.

This week was kind of crazy with my companion getting ready to leave the country and packing but all is well. Right now we are Neuquen so that she can leave for home tomorrow.

I am super sad about her leaving, she is THE BEST. I am also really sad that a large chunk of our district is leaving this transfer. Somehow we got lucky and were all together for two transfers so we are all really good friends, it's sad to see a lot of them go, but I know they can help other areas.

I'm feeling really prideful right now because we heard from the president that we are the only area baptizing right now. YES! Obviously better if everyone is baptizing, but I am proud of my district.

Oh, yeah, I'm staying in Bariloche this transfer and I am super excited about this, Bariloche is super pretty and I love it there. I got kind of shocking news during transfers, I will be training this translado (transfer). So as of right now I don't know who my new companion is. I am super scared to do this considering I actually haven't even finished my training. WHYYYY?

Other random fact... There is no toilet paper in public bathroom stalls here. There is toilet paper outside of the bathroom and you just have to carry a ton in with you. Sometimes it's free, sometimes no. LOCOS (crazy).

The final miracle of the week: Ricardo. Ricardo is our investigator who is a drunk living in the street. When we first saw him, me and my companion thought that he had a lot of potential so we talked to him. He told us in the first lesson that he would NEVER PRAY. And then he moved. But this week he moved back. He told us he has been praying EVERY DAY. And he stopped drinking. MILAGROS (Miracles). He literally looks different and I am so excited to see how this gospel will change and bless his life.

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