Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2016.10.11 Week 19- Pt. II - It's like a sin to not play soccer here

Good news, we are still alive. Argentina is still awesome and all is well.

Somehow I ended up with the best companion EVER. She is super awesome. She was born in Canada but her family lives in Ohio. She went to BYU and we actually met each other at a bonfire once and joked about being companions, then we both apparently forgot about it because it took us about a week to figure out.  We have a ton of friends in common because we were at Helaman at the same time.

When I met all the people that were a possibility to train I got super scared because none of them were latina. There was no possibility of me getting someone that would know Spanish. But all is well, I guess I know more Castellano than I thought. Now that I am forced to use it, everything is going well. Somehow we are always able to communicate with everyone. It's fun to visit the members and hear them tell my companion that she doesn't need to worry about the language because Hermana Farr just barely got here and she already knows Castellano. 

I don't have much time, but it was a great week. A little different because the drunk men are even more interested now that we are both gringas, but I have confidence that God is protecting us!

This week we started teaching this group of boys that are always playing soccer in the street. They are super cute and I really hope we can baptize them. The oldest is 11 and the youngest is 9. The oldest reminds me a lot of Harry (my brother). We originally started talking to them because my companion is super good at soccer and wowed them with her juggling skillzzz. Now I am trying to learn how to soccer. As of right now, I can juggle 8 times in a row. I know it's horrible but give me a break Argentines. Soccer is like the one sport I never played. It's like a sin to not play soccer here. I hope that I will be able to juggle officially when I get home. 

I'm pretty much sick of my clothes. I found some clothes in a garbage bag kind of ripped and ruined and sewed them back together. Lots of missionaries leave all of their clothes here, lucky for me!


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