Monday, February 27, 2017

2017.02.27 Week 38 - Some super awesome people

It was a great week to be in the full time service of the Lord. Recently I have really been loving the time I have to read the scriptures. Holy cow they are full of some good stuff. I just finished Doctina y Convenios (Doctrine & Covenants). I left our pension everyday thinking that Christ was gonna come again justo hoy (just today). So far no, but I can testify that we are getting real close. PREPARE. 

This week we met some super awesome people. One woman se llama (named) Claudia, and her daughter is Agostina. She lost her husband 4 years ago y de alli (from then on) she stopped believing in God. But she is the best and so is her daughter. I love being able to testify to them that they really will see him again and I hope to be able to help them start believing in God again, cuz he's the best.

I'm also really excited that my Aunt is expecting her first daughter, and considering that I have so much time to study everyday, I took the liberty of finding some biblical names for her to choose from. Here goes: Drusilla, Sibboleth, Zerubbabel, Ur, Apollyon, Shishak, and Jezebel. I don´t really want to pull her towards one in particular but just for some side knowledge, Apollyon means destroyer, and you could call her Polly for short.

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